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Marriage Commissioner or Justice of the Peace

What is the difference between a Vancouver Marriage Commissioner, Vancouver Justice of the Peace and an Officiant?

I get asked that a lot.

Vancouver Marriage Commissioners and Vancouver JPs are the same thing pretty much. You really need to hire a Vancouver Marriage Commissioner and they often get called JPs.

An officiant is someone who is religiously ordained and can legally marry people but does non-religious ceremonies.

I hope that helps. 


Marriage Commissioner in Langley, Vancouver, BC

Here's the details about booking a Marriage Commissioner. You got to this website on the Vital Statistics website to find the Marriage Commissioner in your city.

Marriage Commissioners in Vancouver
Marriage Commissioners in Langley 

Marriage Commissioner Fees

Marriage Commissioners are authorized to charge the following fees for solemnizing a marriage:

  • Base Civil Ceremony
  • $ 75.00

  • GST
  • $   3.75
    $ 78.75*

Additional Fees

$25 per hour, applied in 15 minute increments for time spent preparing the ceremony, meeting, rehearsal, travel time and performing the ceremony. (Additional fees apply only to time over and above one hour which is included in the base ceremony fee.)
  • Mileage                             $0.52 per kilometre
  • Parking or Ferry                (if applicable)
Marriage Commissioners will ask for all fees and provide a receipt prior to the marriage ceremony to avoid interruptions before or after the ceremony. However, the couple getting married will be responsible for any additional costs incurred due to any last minute changes.
* The base civil ceremony fee of $78.75 applies to civil marriage ceremonies which are organized and performed within one hour.
Please note that Marriage Commissioners are not authorized to provide wedding planning, coordinating or consultation services, which are provided by commercial vendors.
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