Brian loves the love!….a great expression and the privilege of being in the love industry for many years is something Brian doesn’t take for granted. Brian and his wife Kristen have been married and thriving in their own growing relationship for over 32 years after meeting and marrying in a whirlwind of crazy love and spontaneous energy you could say… a 4 month time period! Not the typical and they both know that….and that is why Brian loves to work with couples planning and preparing for their wedding……that’s it….it’s theirs! It’s like no one elses’….unique, reflecting their values, creativity, personalities….to make it a day to remember. Brian has been in the people business for many years and enjoys diversity. Developing leaders as well as team building are areas of focus for him, while transferring these gifts/skills to couples getting married allows for creating together a stress free, dynamic ceremony that will be enjoyed and remembered. So, if you’ve met less than 4 months ago, or even 4 years ago, Brian is a great choice!