There’s “People Persons”, then there’s Jordan. Jordan is all about people and then some! Jordan and his wife Quinn have dedicated there lives to serving people and have been doing so for the past 10 years in both Canada and the USA. Ya, that’s right. If his pic looks a little bit ‘Cali Vibe’ to you, you are correct. Jordan did his schooling and worked in the sunshine state (Is that what they call California? or is that Florida? regardless…) for many years.

Jordan has a deep love for thought provoking conversation, sports, and all things that include a cup of coffee. But only good coffee. He knows the difference. He’s also deeply in love with his bride Quinn. If you’re looking for some friendly advice or just want to talk about good food, Jordan’s your man! He’s a seasoned public speaker, and brings a fresh, fun and modern approach to your ceremony. If that’s what your looking for, look no more!