Meet Our Officiants


He’s been hitched for 13 years, so he believes in marriage…..Combine that with a sense of humour, a love of people, and a background in Sports Broadcasting and Event MC’ng, and you quickly realize why Jay has become the most sought-after wedding officiant in the Lower Mainland. Jay’s been marrying people for 5 years and calls it his “passion project”. He loves to help couples really uncover the ceremony ‘flavour and feel’ they desire and then partners with them to create it!   Reach out to Jay, and you won’t be disappointed. Oh, and if you need parenting advice, he’s your man as well.


As a true believer that one size does not fit all and as someone who celebrates diversity, Kristen loves to assist couples in creating their dream wedding—in or out of the box. From the Ranch (decked in cowboy boots), to mountain peaks, along the shores of lakes, rivers & the ocean….and of course, the more traditional approaches as well, She has had the privilege of being a part of some amazing weddings!      With expertise in various fields, including relationship and life coaching, Kristen has been able to assist couples in moving from average to exceptional in their relationship.  She has a passion for seeing couples plan a bright and brilliant wedding day.   She has a pretty exceptional smile as well, so you are always happy when you’re with Kristen!


‘Laner’ is a Financial Planner by day, and a Wedding Planner by weekend…..well, not quite, but he sure is a good Wedding Officiant! Lane has been helping couples plan their financial future for years and helping them get hitched as well! He’s fun, funny and is the best dressed guy in the room. He and his wife Emily have 2 little girls/angels and are one of those families you say “Awe, they are a cute and cool looking’ little fam” when you see them. Lane’s your best friend. If you don’t believe me, just meet him.


He’s not a hipster, he’s just plain hip.   Tim is married to Chanel, and has a ridiculously cute and energetic daughter Ellie Elizabeth! He’s passionate about seeing people join their lives together to impact their world and believes in the power of Love and Marriage!  He loves golf, good coffee, and all things Apple.   An experienced speaker and presenter, Tim has been marrying couples for 6 years!


With over 12 years of officiating weddings, Cory has a wealth of experience.  He loves how unique every couple is, and loves to see that uniqueness shine through in his couples ceremonies.  The emotion, joy and love Cory gets to be a part of helps remind him of just how fortunate and privileged he is to take part in the weddings he officiates.     Married for 25 years, Cory has 3 children, a son-in-law, and 1 granddaughter that are the pride and joy of his life.

When Cory’s not guiding ring exchanges, he’s guiding the spontaneous adventure side of his life that includes passions for the great outdoors, music, reading, writing and food…..oh, and at least one glass of red.


If he’s not out running or resistance training, you’ll find him lending a helping hand to kids in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside… Jonathan is a wonderful human being, that has a heart to help people. He’s a seasoned wedding officiant that loves to help couples cultivate their unique interests and memories together into a fun and memorable ceremony, that truly reflects who they are, not fitting into a “traditional box.” Jon and his wife Carla have been married for 16 years and are conquering the challenges of raising Jed, Jael and Zoe, with ease, grace, and healthy treats.



Andre is the newest foreign import on our team! Originally from South Africa, he has spent the last 10 years living in England and recently moved his family to BC. With a wealth of experience in public speaking, MCing, Wedding Officiating,  and presenting, he has been the perfect fit to the VO team.   Andre has been married to Joanna for 8 years and affectionately calls her his “favourite wife”.   He is also the father to 4 stunning children…that’s right, FOUR!   He loves all things sport related with a specific soft spot for the beautiful game of rugby. He is passionate about developing people and helping them understand their inherent potential.     If you like cool accents, Andre’s your man.



Brian loves the love!….a great expression and the privilege of being in the love industry for many years is something Brian doesn’t take for granted.  Brian and his wife Kristen have been married and thriving in their own growing relationship for over 32 years after meeting and marrying in a whirlwind of crazy love and spontaneous energy you could say… a 4 month time period! Not the typical and they both know that….and that is why Brian loves to work with couples planning and preparing for their wedding……that’s it….it’s theirs! It’s like no one elses’….unique, reflecting their values, creativity, personalities….to make it a day to remember.  Brian has been in the people business for many years and enjoys diversity. Developing leaders as well as team building are areas of focus for him, while transferring these gifts/skills to couples getting married allows for creating together a stress free, dynamic ceremony that will be enjoyed and remembered.  So, if you’ve met less than 4 months ago, or even 4 years ago,  Brian is a great choice!



‘Em’ has been married for 9 years, so knows a thing or two.  She also has 2 little cuties, Emerson and Evie, that she passionately cares for.   Em has been part of the Lower Mainland Wedding industry for over 7 years including 4 years as a wedding planner and 3 years with Vancouver Officiant.   She also owns a digital design and hand lettering company so definitely has an eye for detail!   A lover of history, water colour painting, and all things fashion, Emily quickly becomes your best friend, confidant,…….. and wardrobe stylist.  If you’re looking for those 3 things, as well as an amazing officiant, reach out to Em!





Searching for a bubbly, passionate, romantic-at-heart, who has been telling couple’s stories for a decade now?  With a background in proposal planning and wedding planning, through her own company, she is over the moon to now legally marry couples and be invited into your day on whole new level. Stephanie believes that marriage should be as beautiful as your wedding day, and your ceremony should reflect you as a couple and the journey you have taken together to arrive at this amazing comitment.  You have an incredible love story that Steph can’t wait to hear…..and re-tell! Get ready for a whole lot of fun!   Did we mention Stephanie is really bubbly?!!



  • Jordan


    There’s “People Persons”, then there’s Jordan.   Jordan is all about people and then some! Jordan and his wife Quinn have dedicated there lives to serving people and have been doing so for the past 10 years in both Canada and the USA.  Ya, that’s right.  If his pic looks a little bit ‘Cali Vibe’ to you, you are correct.  Jordan did his schooling and worked in the sunshine state (Is that what they call California?  or is that Florida?  regardless…)   for many years.
    Jordan has a deep love for thought provoking conversation, sports, and all things that include a cup of coffee.  But only good coffee.  He knows the difference.  He’s also deeply in love with his bride Quinn.    If you’re looking for some friendly advice or just want to talk about good food, Jordan’s your man!  He’s a seasoned public speaker, and brings a fresh, fun and modern approach to your ceremony.    If that’s what your looking for, look no more!



An experienced professional in the wedding industry, having been a wedding planner, wedding photographer, and now wedding officiant, Valerie brings a care and class to your custom ceremony that will not be forgotten.    With a love of the outdoors, and social cause, Valerie brings her calm ‘nature’ to your ceremony, giving you a memorable and cherished experience.   She loves seeing couples bring their lives together in a forever moment.   If you are looking for an elegant, graceful, and memorable experience, You will love Val!